Weddings in Limassol

Planning your happiest day of your life?

Plan the wedding and honeymoon of your dreams at the most romantic and cosmopolitan area of Cyprus. With 330 days of sunshine each year and sunsets straight from a picture postcard, Limassol is the place to be for the happiest most romantic day of your life! The dream is yours and the possibilities are endless!

Weddings in Limassol

This is the most special day of your life, so it’s important that it feels that way. You’ve probably been dreaming of it for months, maybe even years, planning each detail from the flowers to the photos. Making your day unique is important in Limassol where every care is taken to make your day as close to your ideal as possible.

romantic spot

Choose a romantic spot overlooking the Mediterranean to start your life as a couple.

330 days of sunshine

With 330 days of sunshine each year and sunsets straight from a picture postcard, the weather is certainly one thing that you won’t need to worry about.

easy and quick procedure

Couples who intend to get married are required to personally apply for a wedding license only after their arrival to Cyprus, to the Marriage officer at the Municipality of their choice. This is a very easy and quick procedure that leaves you plenty of time to concentrate on your own special touches and enjoy the days leading up to the ceremony.

special rates for transport and accommodation

Having the people you love around you to share in your happiness is always a top priority. With many hotels and airlines offering special rates for large parties it’s easy to bring the whole family to Cyprus.


The choice of reception venues on offer is also vast and varied. Depending on the numbers involved you can opt for a full blown occasion for over a hundred guests or a simple and intimate affair.
Most hotels have large banqueting suites to cater for bigger groups and can organise everything right down to the cake.
Many couples however choose to take advantage of the glorious weather and hold their reception in romantic settings outdoors.
Reception on a yacht
Reception on a yacht
For something really different and perhaps a little decadent you could even consider holding a reception on board a yacht.


Your honeymoon can be as diverse as spending the morning breakfasting on the beach and ending the afternoon with a glass of wine on the ski slopes of the Troodos mountains. The dream is yours and the possibilities are endless!

Limassol has something for everyone

Much more than a sun and sea destination, Limassol possesses a copious range of activities and pastimes for all. From the sport enthusiasts, culture lovers, nature lovers, entertainment and leisure seekers to those who wish to be pampered at the luxurious spa centres.

bustling nightlife

The bustling nightlife with its clubs, bars, and discothèques elevate the spirit. A cornucopia of restaurants, taverns and cafes, many with outdoor seating in beautiful settings, form a culinary extravaganza with tastes of local and international cuisines.

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Are you ready to book your wedding?

Decide whether to let your tour operator deal with all the arrangements or work directly with your hotel or even decide to make all the arrangements yourself. Whatever you decide, there is very little red tape to stand in the way, and every decision is just a simple step away.

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